Wednesday Matter

24th June

Let us talk today about the Cloud formation and precipitation as the result of condensation. Stay with us and keep exploring Wednesday Matter and Energy.

11th June

Today,we will be learning about the growth and formation of cyclones and how they operate. Very recently,Bengal and Maharashtra have been terribly affected by the cyclones Amphan and Nisharga. So,let’s explore how cyclones work and learn how we can protect ourselves in future.

13th May

As we are spending days indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown, we are exploring different cloud patterns. Stay with us and keep enjoying Wednesday Matter.

6th May

In today’s Wednesday Matter, Know Your Plastics will help you identify and learn how plastics are harmful to human beings, animals and how difficult they are to recycle.

29th April

Misuse of plastics is currently the major social and environmental issue today and one must learn how to handle such a toxic material properly. Stay with us and keep exploring Wednesday Matter!

23rd April

On the occasion of Earth Day, we have a suggestion to use hydrogen, a non-toxic and renewable resource as a fuel,which would help in reducing our carbon footprint and the greenhouse emissions.

22nd April

Today we will be exploring what plastics are,what and how they are made of, different types of plastics, their uses and abuses.

15th April

Ever wondered what things around us are made of ? In Wednesday Matter, we shall be exploring the various materials around us and how they are useful in everyday life.

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