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25th June: The Immune System.
The body fights hard!

What is immunity?
Many medicines claim that they can increase the body’s immunity. This infographic shows how the body’s immune system works to fight the pathogens. How the natural defence mechanism of our body fights to keep us disease free. 💪

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11th June

While most of the microbes are useful organisms, a few of them can be quite harmful as they cause diseases. So, let us learn how they cause diseases in human and animal bodies and what diseases are actually caused by them.

14th May

Today we shall be learning about various microbes that are useful in our everyday life and how they have become an important part of our ecology and the environment.

7th May

After having discovered about the virus,we will now shift our shift our focus towards bacteria and fungi.Let us know how they are useful to humans, animals and other living beings, how they enrich our environment and how few them cause diseases.

30th April

We shall be continuing the story about the detection of microbes and the people who actually detected these microbes, today in Thursday Life. Keep exploring about the microbe characters and the Microbe Hunters.

23rd April

In today’s Thursday Life, we will be discussing about the story of how virus was first detected, what symptoms differentiate a virus from other microbes and who detected them.

16th April

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued domination on the planet is a virus.” – Joshua Lederberg,Nobel Prize for physiology. Presently, while we all are fighting the Covid-19 situation, let us learn how a virus works and how this deadly microbe causes harmful diseases.

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