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STEAM Online is a series of curated blog posts and online workshops based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Due to the nation-wide lockdown owing to the COVID19 pandemic we launched the series on 14th April 2020, adapting ourselves to new ways of learning and sharing knowledge.

The Purpose: Why?
STEAM Online is a Community Resource for life-long learning, sharing ideas, discussing, exploring, experimenting and collaborating on projects online, and later offline as well.

Weekly Schedule
Story Monday | Maths Fun & Earnest
Tuesday: Culture Tuesday
Wednesday: Wednesday Matter & Energy | Maths Fun & Earnest
Thursday: Thursday Life on the Planet
Friday: Friday Structures & Machines | Maths Fun & Earnest
Saturday: Saturday Art & Design
Sunday: Make-it Sunday
Features & Contributions

For Whom?
A Liberal Education for Citizens:
– Children and Parents:

1. Get to know the interests and hidden talents of your child 
     2. Spend quality time with your child by sharing inspiring reads and projects that you can do together
    3.  Develop your child’s creativity and skills with arts and crafts onlline workshops
   4.  Develop skills of reading comprehension, language, vocabulary, visual literacy – drawing, number and shapes that are fundamental to learning any subject.
– Students and Teachers:
      1. Inspiring reads to motivate you and your students
      2. Resources to use and share with your students
      3. Get more time for yourself to do more deep and satisfying work
1. You learn what interests you – the choice is yours  
      2. Explore and expand your interests – enjoy and apply what you learn
      3. Find friends with common interests – discuss various issues about life and career
– Educators and Administrators:
1. Enliven the education process – make it a joy, not boring, tedious and uninspiring
       2. Empower Teachers by giving them sufficient time to think, plan and share ideas with their peers and students by participating in a community of Life-long Learners   
      3. Give both Teachers and students a Democratic setup for self-directed learning, collaboration and leadership
    4.  Project-based Real-world problem-solving using Systems Approach for inter and multi-disciplinary inter and multi-disciplinary work
   5. Learn by Doing – Prototyping and making workshops and setting up STEAM Makerspaces

Open Source STEAM based learning
This series gives access to everyone with an internet connection. We emphasize on understanding:
– our social institutions
– our culture and heritage
– impact of mathematics, science, technology, art and design on everyday life, the economy and the environment.

Our Approach
It is based on the Systems Approach, the Scientific Method and
Design Methodology that integrates the various scientific disciplines, applied sciences and technology, the social sciences, visual and performing arts. It is inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary.

Our Format: How?
A daily curated Blogpost on some aspects of STEAM disciplines that starts with a question, hypothesis or fact that requires investigation and discussion from the readers, comments, ideas and suggestions that lead to both creative and critical thinking, exploring, experimenting and projects for prototyping, making and testing and feedback from users for sustainable social and natural environments.

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