Core Services

  • Workshops –hands-on minds-on, based on STEAM, inter and multi disciplinary
  • Products – educational aids (plane, 2D, 3D models and materials) for schools, educational, research and
    cultural institutions in Science, Arts, Maths and Social Sciences. We make on order and also customize on requirement.
    Click to view some of our products.
  • Prototyping – for industry & everyday objects/products & environments
  • Training – for teachers to manage and facilitate the makerspaces; use visual aids both plane and 3D in junction with the school curriculum; makerspace best practices
  • Outreach Programmes and Experiential Learning – for museums, cultural and educational institutions, NGOs and corporates.
    Click to view Designing a Museum Experience - How Do Things Move? at BITM Kolkata
  • Setting-up Makerspaces - for communities, schools, educational & cultural institutions, which involves outlining the type of makerspace needed, scope of activities and planning the furniture, storage, tools, materials, display accordingly
  • Facilitation and management of Makerspaces - prototyping, skill training, introduction to design methods, materials and tools
  • Demos/Exhibits/Faires - Demos and exhibits at schools, community spaces, cultural institutions; setting up maker faires at school, mentoring and participating in exhibitions as a school team.
    Check out photos from one of our demo exhibits at a community space.



Hang out with ‘Makers’ at our ‘Community Makerspace’ @ OpenHouse

A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) powered makerspace where you can follow your curiosity and have fun through hands-on and minds-on learning to make whatever you want. This space is for students, parents, teachers, hobbyists and professionals who will be learning-by-doing, sharing ideas, collaborating on DIY projects.

What does it include?

  • 3D models and resources for students, teachers, parents, schools and designers including books for STEAM
  • Prototyping and making
  • Conversations: discussions on science, arts, design and technology and on social issues
  • Games & puzzles
  • Outreach activities: museum trails and experiences, city explorations

What will you learn?
Whether you study in school and are learning the basic concepts in maths, sciences or arts, want to go to a design school, are a student of architecture or a professional designer, a tinkerer, a hobbyist or a teacher and an educationist, our community makerspace is for you where you will get materials, tools, resources and guidance for learning and making what you want!

The methods we follow are Design Thinking, Systems Approach, STEAM, which are inter & multi disciplinary, and which you will learn to follow too for any kind of problem solving in real life.

Frequency: Once a week – Saturday starting 11 August
Duration: one session 3 hrs – 3 to 6 pm
For whom?
Anyone can join
Charge for a session: Rs. 1500

*Sign up for a month (4 sessions): Rs. 5000                                      

Reach out to us on 98313 86689 for any query.

*Materials and tools will be provided.
*Please feel free to bring your own material if you have something specific in mind to make or learn.