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Zines & Newspaper Blackout – all of July!


Zines are nothing new, they have been here for ages – the first step towards self publishing, to get one’s ideas/stories/perspective/personal histories out into the world. Zines can be on any topic under the sun and are an original work of art, and can be made with appropriated texts and images from various sources.

Zine 03 (11 July): ‘GUARDING ANGELS’
Sometimes we are our own guarding angels, other times we are guarded by the Unknown! Who’s your #guardingangel ?

Zine 02 (13 June):
Sing Hallelujah.
I am waiting impatiently…
For your invitation.
is never rude.
The song is the hidden hand.
The best thing ever.
A road…
to getting it all together.
Indulge, hear, listen, live.
(Sound on)
Some songs are…
If you seek,
jet set and go.

to new heights.

Zine 01 (13 June):
Don’t just talk, stay home.
Thande dimaag se socho;
Life is a gift.
Health and wellness are power:
An honour to give,
A pleasure to receive.

Stay healthy and fit.

Have less, do more:
Search no more.
You’ll find everything
Under one roof..

Fix health, mind and heart.

The zine we made here is the simplest kind – made out of a single sheet of A4 paper folded into 1/8th for each side. We have used cutouts from old magazines to create a story-line on a theme of our choice – staying home during the pandemic.

The idea is to challenge ourselves by limiting ourselves (to be only using text cut out from waste paper/magazines/pamphlets/packaging to create a narrative) cause that’s when one comes up with the most unconventional, creative result!

Newspaper Blackout!

Inspired by Austin Kleon who has learnt a new way to read between the lines – constructing through deconstruction and eliminating the words he doesn’t need to create a new art form. This is #blackoutpoetry and can be adapted into a #blackoutprose.

‘Homes for All’
Newspaper blackout 01
Newspaper blackout 02

“The hardest part of writing poetry is finding the words”, says Kleon. But the words are already there!
Creating a new narrative using blackout is an artform that has been practised for the last 250 years or so by many, even by Rabindranath Tagore! Is also a way of upcycling newspapers and magazines into something relevant and arresting.

Newspaper blackout 01

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