Can’t go to the museums due to the lock down, we’ve got you covered!

1. Museum Activity sheet on the Boat Museum, Kolkata.

Located at Ambedkar Bhawan, Kolkata, the Boat Museum is one of its kind in India.
It contains 46 scale models of boats and ships dating back to the days of Indus Valley Civilization covering specifically West Bengal, and others, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bangladesh.

LINK: http://Download this Museum Activity sheet on the Boat Museum, Kolkata.

This activity sheet was made in collaboration with Sahapedia’s Museums of India campaign.
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2. Natya Shodh Sansthan

Engage with the Museum: Download Activity Sheet here (click)

Natya Shodh Sansthan, Kolkata is India’s largest repository of archival material and documentation covering the entire history of Indian theatre in all its different languages, with special emphasis on folk and traditional forms and post-independence Indian theatre.

With the aim to experience and engage with this unique archival museum, we have taken up four theatre stalwarts of post-independent India (who have been documented in the archives of Natya Shodh Sansthan), and their best works. These personalities have acted, directed, written and produced plays of which some have also been made into cinema. They have trained and inspired various theatre actors and have been instrumental in creating a legacy in Indian contemporary theatre.

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