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All About Platonic Solids

What are Platonic Solids?
For #MakeItSunday, we’re introducing the Platonic Solids. At present, they are studied as found in nature structures as crystals, in chemical binding and in man-made structures like Buckminster Fuller’s geodisic domes and 3D trusses. .

But why should we make or know about these? The Platonic Solids, are helpful in understanding nature’s structures as well as for designing man-made structures and products both functional and aesthetic. We will be making models of these, in workshops, both online and offline.
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DIY Platonic Solids

Here is how you can make the Platonic Solids starting with Tetrahedron, Octahedron and Cube.

Below is how you can make rest of the two Platonic Solids – Icosahedron & Dodecahedron – from scratch by making their respective nets. .

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