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Reena Oberoi’s  ‘Ree-Creates with Love’

27th June 2020. In today’s #SaturdayArtFeature we have the very inspiring Reena Oberoi, 63, based in Gurgaon, who recreates and recycles once-used objects, generally seen as ‘waste’, into something beautiful and useful through her newest initiative, ‘Ree-Creates with Love’. What is inspiring here is that Reena Oberoi has been doing this for the past twenty years as a hobby, that’s way before the terms ‘upcylcing’ and ‘re-use’ were trending and there wasn’t a deluge of DIY videos showing us what to make and how to make it! 

Photo: An empty cookie box beautified with blue pottery art. Source: Ree-creates with Love

Twenty years ago one of my hobbies was Art and Craft. There was no YouTube during those times. I learnt different art related techniques and the various ways of channelizing my creativity from magazines and craft books from the library. Notes were made, photocopies done and saved for the right time. Now after retirement as a teacher and with all my daughters married, the lockdown and a lot of time in hand I reconnected with my hobby. Each time I recreate and recycle objects lying around for years it gives me undiluted joy. I was always asked why I collected junk. Today the beautiful new lease of life that the same piece of so-called junk gets when I work with it, surprises me about how our hands can be used so constructively. Empty bottles, candy and chips boxes are now the centre of attention in my home. I am connected to my hobby once again and I hope others too will like my work. Perhaps my journey of re-discovering my passion might encourage others too, to get back to their hobbies.

Her story in her own words.
Decoupage technique and handmade ribbon flowers decorate an old bottle
 An old bottle gets a new life with intricate dot mandala work in classic black and white
A decades old tea pot restored with stencil painting in metallic finish

We would like to thank Reena Oberoi for the passion and the inspiration!

You can follow her page her here: ReeCreates with Love.

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