What is The Makers Collaborative?

The beginnings: Demonstration of mathematical models at Mehta Research Institute, Bharwari, near Allahabad in the year 1975.

The Makers Collaborative enables a collective use of spaces and tools by networking communities, schools, workshops, educational and research institutions. It is for people from diverse backgrounds and diverse age groups who are interested in real world problem solving and opportunities for innovation.

We have specially designed workshops for children, hobbyists and professionals based on STEAM (yes, incorporating Art + Design to transform STEM into STEAM). School traditionally separates art and science, theory and practice but such divisions are artificial. The real world just doesn’t work that way!

We will be investigating, designing, prototyping for industry & everyday objects/products & environments through hands-on and minds-on workshops in schools, colleges, museums, community forums, parks, neighbourhoods, local workshops and many more spaces! We look forward to collaborating with institutions and experts on various topics and workshop studios for space and tools.

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