Who are we?

We are an inter-disciplinary group interested in real world problem solving and opportunities for innovation.

Swati Mishra

Swati's work focuses on community engagement and outreach using creativity and culture. She initiated The Community Art Project, a participatory-placemaking body, currently piloting at Kolkata's Chinatown at Tiretti Bazaar.

She has worked on projects related to heritage, cultural outreach and children for various cultural organization, NGOs and museums.

Swati is passionate about increasing engagement between communities and their public spaces, making heritage and culture inclusive, and developing alternative methods of learning and education.

Aarti Iyer

Aarti works in the field of environmental education with the Association for Social and Environmental Development (ASED), Kolkata. She is into making teaching aids, conducting student and teacher workshops on environment and community mapping initiatives in the city.

She enjoys interacting with students, watching birds, and sketching from time to time. She is deeply interested in studying public spaces and is passionate about making meaningful conversations possible.

Raj Shekhar Mishra

Raj is a designer and consultant, based in Kolkata, India. He has been involved in the field of education - from primary grades to college level - for more than three decades.

He has designed, made and marketed educational aids in science, mathematics, engineering and architecture for universities, research and educational institutions and museum and learning resource centers and industry across the country.

Raj's interests are intellectual, creative and aesthetic - mathematics, poetry and design. He's an IIT Kharagpur alumnus.