2D to 3D with hands!

Who said you need 3D doodlers & 3D printers to make 3D shapes out of 2D? Here is a prototype of a soccer ball based on a truncated icosahedron that requires JUST paper, gum and scissors!
Watch the video of the entire process:
Things you will come to know:
1. Icosahedron is a 20 faced Platonic or regular solid.
2. Truncated icosahedron has 32 faces of which 12 are pentagons & 20 are hexagons.
3. This is the shape used in the construction of soccer balls.
4. And most importantly, once you know the basic concept, you can make any polyhedral 3D shape from 2D net and go on exploring other shapes!


* We will be exploring more of these 3D shapes and also explain how these are constructed in posts that follow.
** In case you are interested in making these, you can get in touch with us to get free printables or make them with us at our workshops.

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