This is our 2021 3D desk calendar on a dodecahedron, showing seasons and holidays for each month!

*A dodecahedron is a regular Platonic solid with 12 pentagonal faces. (Read more about Platonic solids below.)

*Each month-face when rotated leads to the next, and is made distinct with seasonal and festive illustrations.

*This is a handmade, environment friendly calendar. Once the year is over, you can hand it back to us, and get it upcycled into something new!

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Dodecahedron, the structure on which our 2021 calendar is based is one of the 5 Platonic solids. But what, really, are Platonic solids?

Platonic solids are studied as found in nature structures as crystals, in chemical binding, and in man-made structures like geodesic domes and 3D trusses.

But why should we make or know about these? The Platonic Solids are helpful in understanding nature’s structures as well as for designing man-made structures and products both functional and aesthetic.